It is my clinical experiences that highly motivated me to share my ideas through books. Having witnessed the improvement and positive changes in so many of my clients’ lives, I decided to reach out to as many others as possible. For one reason or another, we often shy away from therapy. Most often we avoid asking for help. However, from time to time we all need this little push in the right direction. This was the whole intention behind my three publications; for my words and ideas to go behind the deaf ears of my clinic walls.

“The Positive You!” ,“The Positive Us!” and “ Go for it!” did indeed reach to thousands of people and made differences in their lives. I am most grateful to my readers because in every possible way they tried and found ways to get in touch with me and let me know how much they appreciated my books. After all, it is the readers who decide whether a book is good or not, successful or not, helpful or not. Not me, not the critics, and definitely not the media, just the readers! And my readers have done just that!

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