The Positive Us! is about our most precious and challenging venture in life: our relationships. It addresses core issues whether with our best friends, significant other, family or work colleagues. It captures the beauty, rewards and promises of our personal relationships, all the while acknowledging their fears, worries and uncertainties.

The Positive Us! reminds you of the incredible strength that you derive from social support while simultaneously preserving your own "self" and individuality. We all need one another to have a meaningful existence. Generating positivity and a good spirit will return to you in the most amazing ways from unexpected sources and unimaginable places. All relationships in our lives need to be balanced and nurtured so that we have the possibility of becoming a better person, to grow, to mature and be the best that we can be for ourselves and for others.

E-book version available at the i-Bookstore or Kindle Store: www.amazon.com/dp/B007FK91YO

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