Anita is an accomplished communicator and a popular guest speaker at motivational seminars, talk show panels and TV shows. She captivates her audiences with great vigor and enthusiasm. Anita’s positive approach has created dynamic changes in idividuals as well as organizations. She has been able to empower and motivate people by helping them achieve both their personal and professional aspirations.

The following are just some of the sessions she has presented.

Haigazian University, May 2009.

American Women’s Association, October, 2009.

Virgin, March 2010.

Lebanese University, May 2010.

AGBU, April,2011.

Middle Eastern Women's Association, May, 2011.

American University of Beirut Medical center AUBMC, April 2012.

Lebanese American University , May 2012.

Hariri University, February 2012.

MDRT Day Beirut, April 2012.

The Red Cross Organization, January 2013.

YPO Conference, November 2013.

AGBU, December 2013.

Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature, workshop and panel discussions, March 2014.
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